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Travel Tuesdays: New York City, part one

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Out of the many places I've had the privilege of going to, New York City has been my favorite yet. New York and I have had quite the relationship. New York always seems to leave me in awe. My uncle used to live in New York during his first years in America as a doctor. My brother, Joe also used to live in Astoria about three years ago. New York was actually one of those places that exposed me to an absurd amount of culture, even if it is in the US. There's something about the business, the culture, the equality, the street style, the food, and the people that has left me wanting to go back. There's always been a special place in my heart for this city. I've created a guide for those of you out there looking for any recommendations (*disclaimer: I've never lived in NY. However, I have made NUMEROUS visits). Here's my guide to my favorite city in the world yet.

Where to Stay

I usually stay with either family or friends that live in New York when I visit. But when I don't, I usually stay at Club Quarters in the Wall Street Financial district. I love it because it's newly built and the although you're in the city, it's quiet. Service is excellent and the rooms are clean. Bonus: They give out complimentary water bottles that you can refill at one of the two stations on your floor level.

*I only have one hotel recommendation because this is the only one I've stayed at.

Where to Eat

One of the reasons why I love New York is because of the food. The food is so diverse - there's something for everyone. Not a lot of restaurants over there have websites so I will link some to an address and a phone number.

- Saigon Grill. They are scattered all over the city. It's the best vietnamese food we've had yet. Each time we visit the city, we always take a mandatory trip.

- Pam's Real Thai has been a huge favorite for local New Yorkers. My parents love this place because they serve real, authentic Thai food. Tip: Grab a table outside if you go during the Spring or Summer.

- Café Lalo is actually really famous and well-known in New York. I love it because they're open so late so you can pop in for a midnight snack if you wanted to. We always come back for their amazing pastries and coffee. 

- I adore soupy soup crab dumplings from Joe's Shanghai. However, beware. I've burned my tongue from getting too excited for eating the dumplings. They also have great Chinese food and they've been awarded and mentioned in the newspaper a lot. 

- My brother actually introduced us to Ovelia's when we came to visit him back when he used to live there. It's a greek restaurant. We're a huge fan for their mousaka and crab cake salad. Oh and not to mention their kobe beef sliders. So good.

- My brother also introduced us to Yaffa Café. We love it because of its Bollywood atmosphere and we always grab a table outside in the back. At night, they have pretty twinkly lights around their fence. 

*I have lots more to share with you on New York so be sure you check part two of this guide tomorrow. I'll be sharing the things you can do and the places you can see.*


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