Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Vaseline is magic. There's really no other way to put it. You can basically put it anywhere and *poof* instant beauty. Here's a few clever and effective uses for this amazing substance...........

  • Ever have a headache that seems to press against your eyes and make them really sore? Fear not! Just dab some vaseline in the corners of your eyes and *ahhh* cool, quick relief.
  • Lots of people have said that putting vaseline on your eyelashes will make them grow longer. Mmmm, not so sure about that one, but they certainly make your eyelashes appear longer and who knows? Maybe in time they do grow longer, I don't know. It also makes putting on mascara very easy and non-clumpy.
  • Lips. Duh. There are a lot of dodgy lip balms out there that can make your lips even drier, so just plain old vaseline is a safer bet. However, some products are equally as magical, like the Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm shown below. Possible one of my favorite beauty products, even though I hate the strawberry scent. It really plumps your lips and gives them a healthy sheen.
  • Rubbing vaseline basically anywhere on your body will make that place extra soft. Hands, feet, elbows, knees; it's great. Unfortunately it's also very sticky and smeary so you might want to wear socks or gloves or whatever until it fully sinks in.
  • Put vaseline anywhere you spray perfume so that the scents sticks around longer!
  • Vaseline is also really good at removing eye makeup- just use a tissue to dab at your eye and smooth through eyelashes.
  • For overall dewiness, rub some on your eyelids before applying eye shadow, and on your cheeks before blush.

I hope this was useful to you! If you have any other tips for using Vaseline, leave a comment below!

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