Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thriffting Tips&Tricks 

Thrifting can be so much fun ! But it can also be really overwhelming and time consuming. 

Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind while shopping: 

1) Take your time when shopping look through all the racks and all the clothes, and keep an open mind.

2) This has to do with keeping an open mind. Sometimes certain shirts or pants just need a little extra love to make them look great.

3) Don't over buy! It is so easy to go into the store and see all the wonderfully inexpensive clothes and just crazy. Everything adds up and u don't want to get home and look through your stuff only to find that you don't even like half of what you bought. 

4) Try things on. This is really important because if it doesn't fit then you cant do anything about ( unless its too big, then you can take it in). Plus you don't want to be stuck in Tip number 3's situation. 

5) Last but not lease take everything under consideration. You may see a supper cute top that needs some work( stain removal, altering, etc.) but you don't want to over whelm your self. Don't purchase thing that may take forever to fix or that you may not even get around to fixing. 

I hope you all enjoy these tips and pick up many-a-cute clothing pieces to spice up your wardrobe :)

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