Monday, October 8, 2012

The Secret to Layering  and Keeping Warm (while still looking chic)

 It sure is getting cold fast (at least were  live) and layering will really help with keeping you warm. 
 Trench coats and other coats with either a set of buttons or a tie that will define your waist are very flattering on all body types.  
Putting long sleeve button up shirts under sweaters is so in this season ! Plus its a great way to keep warm if you wear a coat over top that's already 3 layers just on top! 
 Wearing leggings under your jeans are really helpful because sometimes jeans are just not thick enough to keep your legs warm. 
 Personally I think putting socks over tights is super cute and tights on their own are just way too thin to wear on their own during the winter/ fall months(unless they're wool of course)  

I hope these tips are helpful :) -rssnoksanaXO

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