Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hello everyone! I am so excited for October, and especially Halloween! We'll be sharing a bunch of cool and interesting ideas ranging from pumpkin decoration, to fun ideas, to costumes! Let's start with costumes, since it's always fun to figure out what to dress as for Halloween. I'll be displaying throughout this month different costume ideas, so please enjoy!

This is who I'm planning on dressing as. Have any of you watched the PBS show Sherlock by Masterpiece? I'm obsessed! The ending of the second season completely blew me away, and now I have to wait months, maybe even a year before I can see the third season! It is available for instant watch on Netflix, so I highly recommend heading over there right now and getting hooked after the first episode! Anyways, for this costume, the basic pieces are a tweed blazer, a pipe, and a magnifying glass! You can dress these up anyway you want. You could also get that cap Sherlock wears (I couldn't find one on Polyvore.)

This costume is fairly simple, and so pretty! Any cute, pale blue dress would work, along with the signature sparkly red shoes, and rosy makeup. Then you're set! You could also tie blue bows in your hair, and hold a straw bag with a little toy dog in it.

 For a cowgirl costume, the main pieces are a plaid shirt knotted at the front, jeans (possibly ripped), and a western hat and boots. You can also add fringe with a bag like the one shown above. It's really simple, and some of the items can probably even be found in your closet at home.

Hope this gave you some ideas!


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