Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Movie Marathon

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Since it's practically summer, I get involved watching lots of movies, particularly old ones and classics. Here, I decided to list a few favorites with a short summary, so you can watch them this summer too!

The Interesting One:


Charade is a Classic that includes the perfect combination of intrigue, romance and suspense. It stars the beautiful Audrey Hepburn and the hilarious Carey Grant. The story is centered on a young woman named Regina Lampert who is forced into a sticky situation when her husband dies under mysterious circumstances. A stranger, whose name is always changing, aids and protects her as they attempt to solve the mystery together.

The Scary One:

Wait Until Dark
Brrr even the name gives me goosebumps...
This one also has Audrey Hepburn in it! It is about a blind woman named Susy Hendrix who becomes caught in a thriller story when her husband mistakenly brings home a doll that three criminals desperately want. When her husband leaves for a trip, Susy is left alone defend herself with a little help from her somewhat bratty neighbour, Gloria. There's one bit in this film that WILL make you scream, and as to not give it away, I will just call it the famous leap.

The Funny One:

Arsenic and Old Lace

Carey Grant again! A celebrity returns home to his Aunts with his new fiance. There, he finds out his Aunts have been murdering lonely old men who come to stay at their inn. Meanwhile, he tries to get his crazy brother Teddy (who thinks he's Theodore Roosevelt) sent to a mental asylum and and at the same time his Frankenstein look-a-like homicidal other brother shows up ALL on the night he is supposed to leave on his honeymoon. This movie is laugh out loud funny and you can watch it instantly on Netflix!

The Confusing Ones:


North by Northwest
Of course, there's not one but two Hitchcocks. Vertigo has to be the weirdest movie I have EVER seen. Basically, it's about this detective who tries to solve this mystery centered on a young woman who he (of course) is blond and he falls in love with. There's a seriously messed up twist at the end that turns the whole story upside down. Another great Hitchcock film that stars Jimmy Stewart is Rear Window, and it also involves Grace Kelly. North by Northwest also has a confusing twist, but a much happier ending.

The Tragic One:

A Streetcar Named Desire
This one has a horribly sad ending, but it's such a beautiful yet twisted plot. Some main themes included, haunted pasts, passion, madness, and family relationships. Marlon Brando is seriously good looking, even if he is a jerk as Stanley! I have read both the play of this, and the Glass Menagerie (but have yet to see the movie.) The trailer moved me before I even saw the movie, Check it out:

The Romantic Comedy:

Some Like It Hot
The perfect romantic comedy where two musicians go undercover as women when they witness a shooting. A rich billionaire falls in love with Jerry dressed as "Daphne" and Joe dressed as "Josephine" falls in love with the singer, "Sugar Kane."

Phoebe XO


  1. Thanks for the list! So many great ones I still want to see! I'll have to look at the library for some next time I'm there!!