Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5 Travel Tips

I discovered this great travel blog called Legal Nomads and learned some great tips and tricks for traveling. Here's a few to remember...

1.  Meet New People When You Travel. It's okay to travel alone, because you can guarantee meeting new people and making new friends if you are willing too. If you stay at a hostel, or bed and breakfast you can be sure to meet travelers like yourself and start up a conversation.


2.  Important Things To Pack :  A safety whistle (In case you get lost or injure yourself and no one's near by), duct tape (for obvious reasons), language dictionary, and an easily-packed first aid kit.


3.  Don't Overpack- Most Things You Can Buy Wherever You're Going. Simple things you feel the need to pack like tissues or socks can be bought wherever you are going, and may save a little packing space. Also, make sure you're backpack is something with color or a unique trait so it's easy to recognize.


4.   Be open to trying new foods. This is really important. Don't head to the first McDonalds the minute you arrive- if you want to really be involved in the culture and experience new things, do what the locals do. A good idea is to ask the locals themselves where they ate breakfast or lunch.
The photo below is one I took while visiting some Kurdish friends of my family. It's delicious every time we visit them!

5.   Pack Some Small Refreshing Fruit That You Can Take Where You Go. If you are traveling to a hot place, you'll be thankful, and you can always win over people by sharing.
Sandwiches are a good idea too- I'm not such a big fan, but once while hiking in Jordan our guide brought sandwiches for all of us and they were the best I've ever eaten after such a long walk and climb.


There is so much more to learn when you travel and you can add to this list with your own experiences. Happy traveling!

Phoebe XO


  1. Thanks for introducing me to the site! I will def. have to bookmark it and remember for next time I go on vacation (: I would absolutely love if you entered my current giveaway for £50 to Motel Rocks (;


    1. Cool! I'll definitely head over to your blog now :) Thanks for following!