Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Travel Tuesday: 5 Travel-Worthy Shoes

Now, this has probably happened to all of us...getting stumped while traveling or not wearing the appropriate shoes to a fancy restaurant. Before I created this list, I would always have a problem: what shoes to pack? Although I always check the weather ahead, I'm always uncertain. Here's a list of five travel-worthy shoes....

via J.Crew

1. Ballet flats or oxfords. In my recent trip to Paris, I brought a pair of tan ballet flats. It's a great investment, if you find some that will work for everyday use. These are much more appropriate to wear at a fancy restaurant than those running shoes. I like these in yellow or pink.

via J. Crew

2. TOMS or espadrille flats. I haven't quite owned any of these. However, from what I hear, they're really comfy. Plus, they're becoming quite trendy. I like this color in TOMS and these cute espadrilles.

via Hunter

3. Rainboots (Hunters, if possible). I've had loads of experience with rain boots and the cheap knock-offs aren't worth it. Water soaks your feet and it gets disgusting. These are perfect for when you're going to a rainy or snowy environment. I have these in green.

via Madewell

4. Sandals. Save the tacky water-proof flip flops for something less casual. Traveling is not a joke. You want to look your best - especially for those photos you want to brag about. Try something simple like these.

via Free People

5. Chic sneakers (not, absolutely, not your bulky running shoes. save those for the gym!). If you're going bring sneakers, then please make them what I deem "fashion sneakers." I like these.


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