Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Travel Tuesdays- California


Hey guys. Today's Travel Tuesday is all about California. I used to call California "home" a few years back when I used to live there. I resided there with my family for about more than two years. The authentic Mexican food, the beaches, the laid-backness, and the adaptable tan complexions are some of the things we love about Cali. I still consider California home even now (we can have two homes, right?). Although California and I were together for just two years, I thought I'd share some of my favorites. 
Where to Stay:

I've never stayed at a hotel or have rented a house in Cali considering that I used to live there. But whenever we come for visits nowadays, we always stay with our very close friends. However, here are some places to consider spending a night at....

- San Diego
- L.A.
- San Francisco
- Redondo Beach

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

What to Do:

*San Diego- If you have kids, satisfy them with a day at Sea World (I heard it's the best Sea World to visit in the U.S.) or at Legoland. Be sure to wear a swimsuit under your clothes if you want to get wet at Legoland. Make your own sweet tarts at one of their many gift shops (they're really good). If it's not cloudy, visit one of San Diego's many beaches and boardwalks. Visit the San Diego Zoo (apparently it's one of the top-rated zoos). Take a harbor cruise. Or tour the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. I actually did this, it's pretty interesting (not to mention informational for anyone interested in history). However, it does require the right amount of time.

*L.A.- See Catalina Island (still on my list of things to do in Cali)! Walk at Malibu Beach. Go to Hollywood and take a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pretend to be rich and posh for a second while posing by the famous (and very upscale!) Rodeo Drive. 

*San Francisco- I love San Francisco because it's a big city, but it isn't as fast-pace as New York. Ride a cable car. I ride one almost every single time I come for a visit. I love it! Go to the HUGE Ghirardelli shop when you get off the cable car. Drive through S.F.'s curviest street (so curvy it's like you're on a roller coaster..seriously!), Lombard Street. Drop by the Japanese Tea Garden to try some Japanese tea and rice crackers and see the beautiful vegetation and Japanese bridges. This is an obvious one: be sure to take a photo by the Golden Gate Bridge. And then head over to Fisherman's Wharf for some fresh clam chowder or bouillabaisse. For dessert, grab some homemade mini donuts (almost like beignets) near the entrance. They're always warm and made fresh. 

*Redondo Beach- Try the dungeness crabs by the boardwalk. Walk around the boardwalk. If it's warm, get yourself wet on the shore! It's totally worth it. But if you're going at night, be sure to bring a chunky sweater to put over your bikini.
Redondo Beach
What to Eat:

 *Mega Tom's Burgers is one of our favorite diners. Fast food done right and fresh. I haven't been there in a while, but I remember my favorites were their burgers, fries, pancakes, Philly cheese steaks, and omelets. Yum!

*Pat & Oscar's. We couldn't get enough of their salads, pizzas, and pastas. The one we went to had a lake right next to it complete with ducks. It was a great escape.

*Roadhouse. The first time we tried Roadhouse, we were in love. They give out peanuts to customers waiting for a table and get this: you throw the peanut shells on the ground! 

*Claim Jumper was one of our favorite restaurants as well. We found out about this place right before we moved which is such a shame.

*WinCo is a huge grocery store (available in many parts of Cali), but not only are their products great, so are their made to order pizza. We would always used to get Chicken Barbecue pizza when we happened to come for a grocery run.

*In-N-Out. If you don't know about In-N-Out, then we can't be friends. Unlike many fast food places, In-N-Out serves FRESH burgers and fries. You can see that they cook their food fresh (they have a special potato slicer too). Also unlike many fast food places, In-N-Out has a secret menu (if you want more than two patties on your burger, that is). And they have "animal style" which you can add to your burger or fries or both! Unfortunately, In-N-Out is only available on the west coast so every time I come to California, I ALWAYS make time for some In-N-Out.
Claim Jumper

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